I am definitely not a neat packer.



Today I am:

– Overjoyed that my visa has been approved.

– Dreading the prospect of working 88 hours over the next 8 days.

– Terrible at fitting things into suitcases.

– Excited to be on a plane in 11 days.

And loving life!


This whole “1 suitcase” thing isn’t really working out all that well.

Mundane life

As I sit here, half an hour early for work, bored out of my mind, I am being constantly tormented with thoughts of all the exciting times that await me in the northern hemisphere. To say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement. But I’ve also realised that the promise of this trip just makes my everyday life here just that much more mundane. There’s less than 30 days to go now, and between the amount of work I have still to come and getting my visa sorted in time, I can’t help but think how good it will feel to finally board that plane. 🙂

New toy!

Loving my new camera, particularly the colour highlight setting on it!

Some sunsets!

We’ve been having some beautiful sunsets lately, like this one:Image

And this one…


… and this one!


With 39 days until I leave, I can’t wait to start taking pictures of sunsets on the other side of the world to compare them!


Note to self

Trying on a hoodie/scarf/jacket combination to test if it will be warm enough for Canadian winter conditions.  Not the best idea in Australian summer conditions.

Also I have a scarf hoarding problem.

My new travelling companion. Today was a start-to-think-about-what-to-pack day.


Hey there friends.  Welcome to my blog.  My first real blog, actually.  (I figure sporadically reblogging random pictures on tumblr doesn’t really count…)  Why am I blogging?  Well, firstly, to keep a record of what I’m sure will be an amazing new adventure.  Secondly, to keep some friends and family back home up to date on what’s happening on the other side of the world (hi Mum!).  And thirdly, it’s kind of an exercise in willpower.  I haven’t got the best track record with diaries or journals, and I’m hoping that posting my experiences online will encourage me to maintain a healthy steam of entries.

So in short, this is going to be a blog about horses (saddles) and travel (suitcases).  But why? What do the two have in common?! Patience, grasshopper.  I shall explain.

After taking a few years off horses and riding (thanks, university), I have finally organised to do something that has been a dream of mine for quite a few years.  I am heading overseas, (back) to the beautiful country of Canada to be a working pupil for a hunter/jumper stable in Ontario.  I’m ridiculously excited, and more than a little nervous, but mostly excited, because I have missed horses so much and know I’m going to learn heaps.

So there you have it.  A slightly long-winded (warning: future posts will most likely follow in this fashion) but basic explanation of this blog experiment.  Hopefully it will prove an entertaining and insightful read (even if only for you, Mum.)