The next adventure…

Don’t get too excited.  I’m not too sure what it is yet!  But I have been overwhelmed by all the lovely comments I’ve been reading on here lately, along the theme of “good luck/I can’t wait to hear about the next adventure”.

Right now, the current adventure revolves around replenishing the bank accounts, through contract promotional work.  Not my favourite job, but a well-paying one, and therefore a necessary one.  Although the first two days were torture, since I had to stand at a desk right opposite a travel agent, looking at all the international flight prices, whilst trying to focus on doing my job.  I’m still not sure what kind of full-time job I want yet, since I have changed a lot in the past year and discovered passions and talents I never knew existed.  In light of the feedback I received from numerous people back in Aiken, including my coach and many of the clients, I thought I’d share one of them on here.  Throughout my entire trip, I was never far from my cameras (yes, I had to take 2), and I could often be spotted snapping away at weird things or setting up some sort of obscure photo opportunity.  At the end of my time as working student/barn manager, I presented my coach with a book of photographs I had captured over my time with her, as a thank you and a sort of memoir.  I hadn’t expected it to receive so much praise, and it only made her more determined that she should convince me to take up some form of photography or videography. (I also created several video projects of our eventing exploits, although I am unable to publish them online due to copyright regulations.)  Since one of the most important lessons I learnt during my gap year was to always listen to my coach, I have spent a bit of time compiling my photographs, and creating a place where they can be viewed.  I don’t really think it’s a significant career move, but it’s something to explore, and if you’re dedicated enough to read a) this much of my blog and b) this much of this post, you’ll probably be interested in seeing what I’ve come up with.  Many of these have probably already been featured on here, but hopefully there are some new and exciting ones too!

The online version of the photobook I created can be found here:

My tumblr, where my photographs are posted, can be found here:


Practising my photography on Emma Green and Bellscross Sunny Cruise.

Willing photography subjects Emma Green and Bellscross Sunny Cruise.


9 thoughts on “The next adventure…

  1. Your photography is stunning! I definitely think you could make a go of this. 🙂

    Hope everything’s still going well for you and you’re on your way to figuring everything out! ^_^


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